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Love you Moma.

Posted by: Frances    Jan 17, 2010

oh Moma i miss you so much, what would i give to have you back. i think of you every day all day long.
moma i ask God to tell you that I love you and Daddy

Posted by: Frances    Jan 16, 2010

Moma I think about you being gone and it hurts so bad,
I miss you so much, I LOVE YOU MY BABY DOLL
with all my heart.

Posted by: Frances    Jan 07, 2010

Love You MOMA.

Posted by: Frances    Jan 03, 2010

Moma there is not one day that goes by That I don't think of you or Daddy, still waiting to hear from you, I guess I always will wait, I hope I get to see you again, your always
in are in my heart, I love you so much my sweet little baby doll, miss you Moma. Rest Moma In the arms of Jesus!

Posted by: Frances    Dec 17, 2009

Well Moma it will soon be Christmas and this time last year I would of never believe you would have been gone from me,
I am so lonely without you and lost, if I could only here your sweet voice one more time. I Love You Moma with all my heart. love your baby doll france.

Posted by: Frances - Mother   Dec 17, 2009

love you my beautifl baby doll

Posted by: frances    Nov 22, 2009

Love You Alway's Mama

Posted by: france    Nov 21, 2009

Dear Mama
I miss you so, I love You with all my Heart.
I think of you every day! I still find myself wanting to call
you. I still feel that it's a bad dream that your gone from me,
I hope one day I will see you again.
I love you Mama.
love your baby doll france

Posted by: Frances    Nov 10, 2009


Posted by: JANET - INDY, IN   Nov 06, 2009