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The best doctor I have ever had or could hope to have. The injury ended my football career but he helped me realize that there was so much more to life. Thanks to Dr. Walters my wrist may not be as great as what God blessed me with but I can say it is the best that man can do. I remember him calling me to visit even after my wrist was as good as it could be. He simply

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Posted by: Terrance - Tyler, TX - Patient and Friend   Jan 23, 2016

I just found out I have a mild case of carpul tunnel. The first thing I thought was that I would go see Dr. Walters because he saved my hand in 2006. I am so very sad to find out he passed away. He was extremely kind and an amazing doctor. I had a mysterious infection under my fingernail. After several rounds of antibiotics he told me in a very caring way that I would need to have my fingernail

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Posted by: Debby Jacobvitz - Austin, TX - Patient   Jul 17, 2015

I was a patient of Dr. Walters , probably 4 or 5 visits over four or five years. The last two or three times I saw him had to do with a "trigger finger".
He injected a steroid into a very inflamed area of my hand. He told me that it was going to hurt, and it did! I held my hand dead still. When he was done, I looked up at him and he had a tear in his eye.

A doctor that feels the pain of his patient.

Bob McElhaney

Posted by: Robert McElhaney - Austin, TX - Patient   Apr 28, 2015

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Walters when he was a physician at the Wichita Clinic. I was a medical records clerk assigned to the Orthopedic floor. Some of my fondest memories of working at the Wichita Clinc are those of climbing in and out of the back of Dr. Walter's station wagon looking through piles and pile of medical records. He was so dedicated to his patients that he used all of his time at the clinic

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Posted by: Diana Eslinger - Wichita, KS - Co-Worker   Apr 23, 2014

Our beloved son John, then only six years old, was Dr. Bob's patient shortly after he opened his Austin practice. John had Proteus Syndrome which caused abnormal growth of tissue and bones. Two fingers of John's right hand were grossly enlarged and immobile. Dr. Bob devised a surgical plan to almost remodel those fingers so that they would appear more normal. I will always remember how kind Dr. Bob was to John and to us.
I was thinking of him

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Posted by: Sharon Banscher - Springfield, VA - mother of patient   Oct 03, 2013

I was just updating my medical records and discovered that Dr. Walters passed away. He performed surgery on my hand in 2008. While visitng him for hand therapy post surgery, I found out I had breast cancer. Her was so kind and caring. I could tell he was a wonderful family man with all the beautiful family photos in his office. My condolences to the family.

Posted by: Jenny Lace - Asutin, TX - patient   Jun 07, 2013

I was so sad to read this two years later.
You all were such pleasant memories of our Austin years. From reading the obit, it sounds like your beautiful family is all grown up and doing well.
I will pass this on to Joe. Bob was so nice to Joe when he was trying to go to Medical School. He gained a lot from his talks with Bob. God bless you Jane. I would love to hear from you any time. Love, Patti Davey

Posted by: Patti Davey - SAN ANTONIO, TX - ex-neighbor and friend   Jan 26, 2013

What a pleasure to have known and wirked with this man!

Posted by: Kristin Kocian - Austin, TX - Nurse case manager   Dec 19, 2012

I just learned of the passing of Dr. Walters this afternoon from my GP. I was shocked to hear this. Bob performed 4 operations on my arms in 1996, and 1997. He was an amazing doctor. When I told people at the time of the surgeries who my doctor was, all I heard was, "you've got the best doctor in Texas for my condition" It was true. He was so kind, and thoughtful of his patients. He is greatly missed. So sorry for his family's loss.

Barry D. Wright

Posted by: Barry D Wright - Georgetown, TX - Patient   Jul 23, 2012

I just learned of Dr. Walters passing after making a referral to a friend and just wanted to pass along to his friends and family the thanks of a grateful patient. Dr. Walters was a wonderful person, skilled surgeon and carried a presence and manner with him that was so warm to all who knew or met him.
I have use of my right hand today because of his skilled reconstructive techniques.
I feel a deep sense of loss that

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Posted by: Glenn Garland - Austin, TX - patient   Oct 14, 2011