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Joe Ghegan made so much difference for me. When I was a junior at Columbia he was great with our advanced science class, then he helped me prep for my AP chemistry when I was a senior. His office was open for the social group, "Ghegan's group". His teaching ultimately led me to my PhD in chemistry. I am so lucky that he was my teacher in so many ways.

Posted by: Dr. Marian Stager Bursten MD, PHD - Sugar Land, TX   Aug 13, 2014

Sending warm thoughts to Mr. Ghegan's entire family. He was most certainly one of my favorite teachers at Columbia HS, and some 30 (GASP!) years later, I still remember his mannerisms, smile, and teaching style. I hope you take comfort in many warm memories of his presence in your lives.

Posted by: Karla Dudzik Tombaugh - Oradell, NJ   Dec 05, 2012

Just this past week, Mr Ghegan has been on my mind. Then a friend emaied me his obituary. It saddened me deeply. "Better living through Chemistry" The first day of school senior year, AP Chemistry, last period of the day. We had been through a day of AP classes and were given gigantuan homework assignments in history, english, calculus, so when Mr Ghegan said :Your assignment for tomorrow is to memorize the periodic table", we all started writing it down.

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Posted by: Mary Ann Pizzolato - Humble, TX   Nov 25, 2012

It was his spririt and energy that set him apart from others. When he spoke to you, he had meaning and purpose. He was always kind, he always greeted you with a smile. Whether you ever cared about Chemistry or remembered the rhymes that he made up to remember the periodic table. I can still recite them 33 years later. You can still remember the colorful beakers he placed around the Chemis-tree. Some people pass through. Others make an

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Posted by: Lisa Rott - maplewood, NJ   Nov 21, 2012

I had Mr. Ghegan in 1974 and Mr. Ghegan was the best teacher I ever had. I breezed through my first year of college chemistry because of Mr. Ghegan. I went on to medical school and am a professor at UCLA and Medical Director for Major League Baseball. Mr. Ghegan inspired me to become a doctor and I owe him so much. My best memory of Mr. Ghegan was he let me play him one on one in basketball for

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Posted by: Gary Green, MD - Malibu, CA   Nov 21, 2012

Barbara, Most sincere condolences on Joe's passing. He was a great teacher with a sense of humor and dedication to his profession. Joe was the one who influenced me to enter college as a chemistry major. He had a dramatic influence on my life when I was a high school senior that I have never forgotten.

Posted by: Roger Woodhour - Woodcliff Lake, NJ   Nov 20, 2012

A teacher a coworker and a friend. You will be remembered by all the lives you touched.

Posted by: Sandra Facciponti - East Hanover, NJ   Nov 20, 2012

Please accept my most sincere condolances on the passing of a man whom I admired immensely. He was the best teacher I ever had, and inspired me in many ways. I am so sorry to see Mr. Ghegan is no longer among us, but he will never be forgotten. Mark

Posted by: Mark Olesnicky - Florham Park, NJ   Nov 20, 2012

Our eternal gratitude and love go with this treasure of a man. Our deepest sympathies and prayers to the Ghegan Family for their unfathomable loss.

Posted by: Ellen & Genevieve - Madison, WI   Nov 20, 2012

Dear Barbara, Helen and Betty, I was so sorry to read about Joe's passing. It just seems like yesterday that he was teaching us chemistry at Walsh High. He was a great teacher and did a wonderful job relating to all of us young people. I fondly remember so many times of sharing with all your family at Bell Street. I remember Joe's smile and gentleness. Please know that Joe is in my prayers. Also, each of you will be

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Posted by: Joan Mury - La Paz   Nov 20, 2012