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Message from the Family

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. Please enhance this tribute to Gene by adding your memories and photos.

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Happy Father's Day Dad,

All of us today are thinking about you on this special day, and not a day or moment ever goes by you are not on our mind. You are with us everyday and always will remain close to our hearts. We all wish we could turn back the time and have you and Mom back in our lives, its just not the same without both of you in it. There will always be those 2 empty chairs

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Posted by: From your Loving Family - Tampa, FL - Daughter   Jun 21, 2015

Dear Dad, all of us want to wish you a Happy 87th Birthday today in Heaven. Not a day or minute has ever gone by that we don't think about you and Mom too. The support and love you both had in you rubbed onto us and as of today and everyday we are who we are all because of you. We all miss you so very much and so many thing have happened since that sad night we lost

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Posted by: From your Loving Family - Tampa, FL - daughter   May 28, 2015

Happy Easter Dad,

We are all thinking about you today. We miss you so much and remembering all the family get together's we once shared, we surely miss those times as a family, its not the same anymore as it once was, there's a huge void in the family now, so much emptiness, but we move on each day but some days are with sadness, but also we appreciate everything you did for us girls throughout our lives growing up,

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Posted by: From your Loving Family - Tampa, GA - daughter   Apr 05, 2015

Dear Dad,

Wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. We know you are and never were into all the gushy stuff with what comes around this time of year, but we want to let you know even though you already know this, but we love you so very much, we never knew how hard it was going to be after we lost you, the same goes for Mom also. No one ever realizes how much they will miss someone until

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Posted by: From your Loving Family - Tampa, FL - daughters   Feb 14, 2015

Merry Christmas in Heaven

Dear Dad,
We are thinking about you this Christmas day but you are always on our minds everyday. This Christmas has already been 2 years since you passed. The 16th of this month was the day you died and it was just 9 days before we had plans to be together, you were so looking forward to being with your daughters but it wasn't meant to be. We know your up in Heaven with Mom now and

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Posted by: Your Loving family - Tampa, FL - Daughters   Dec 25, 2014

Dear Dad, thinking about you today but I do it everyday since you died. Can't believe that you have been gone for 2 years already, the time has passed by but you have never been forgotten, you are still with us in spirit and will always be close in our hearts forever. So much has happened since that day you went to Heaven, you have another new Great Grandchild, her name is Lily Estelle, she just turned 1 yrs old

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Posted by: From your Loving Family - Tampa, FL - Daughters   Dec 16, 2014

Happy Father's day Dad!

It's been a rough week for me as knowing this day would come, holidays and special days like today is always emotional and difficult. My heart is empty and not a day goes by I don't have you on my mind. As most would say the longer time passes by the easier it gets, but that's not true, I somehow get by each day but the grief is still there and always will be until I am

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Posted by: Your loving family - Tampa, FL - Daughter   Jun 15, 2014

****In Loving Memory****

Forever in Heart
I remember your face
I remember your smile
I remember your voice
I remember your tenderness
I remember how you protected me in your own way and I know you still do.
Dad, I know you are with God now and in Heaven and have for some time now, but all the years to come I will never forget you...I will always remember you forever in my Heart! I know growing up we didn't always have the closest relationship but

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Posted by: Your loving family - Tampa, FL - Daughter   May 29, 2014


Dad, if you would still be with us today we would be celebrating your special day with you. It's still hard to imagine your gone along with Mom also. Losing both of you so close together has been the most difficult ordeal for me, but somehow I manage to get by day to day without you two. All the love and wonderful memories will be forever etched in our hearts always. The legacy you both left

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Posted by: Your loving family - Tampa, FL - Daughter   May 29, 2014

Dad...Happy Easter! Just finished writing Mom wishing her the same...Sometimes I feel strange writing to you and Mom because your not here, but in my heart I have the faith knowing you both can sense I'm nearby...Dad it's been 16 months now and like I mentioned to Mom it is hard to believe it...always feels like yesterday and always will...Now that both of you are gone and together I feel peace and comfort in some ways..only because Mom is no

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Posted by: Your loving family - Tampa, FL - your loving family   Apr 20, 2014