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Elizabeth Ann Verhault Obituary

...wish we could talk on the phone like the old days. i cherish those memories...

Posted by: stevie - venice, CA   Mar 25, 2014

= (

Posted by: stevie - CA   Feb 09, 2014

...always missing you Bop. and hearing your voice in my head. i miss you so... <3>

Posted by: stevie - CA   Jan 29, 2014

I'm sending you Christmas love

Posted by: Stevie    Dec 25, 2013

= (

Posted by: Stevie    Dec 24, 2013

Specially dedicated for Elizabeth Ann Verhault. = [

Posted by: Stevie    Dec 20, 2013

Dear Bop, I am missing you so much and I'm sending all my love to you. I cherish the moments we shared. You are ever present in my heart and mind. You made Christmas happen for me. I will cook the potatoes you loved this year and not eat them. Love to Betty and Stephen and Tootsie too...

Posted by: Stevie - CA - Yes   Dec 20, 2013

Missed you so much're in my heart forever.

Posted by: Kathy    Nov 29, 2013

sending light and love Bop....

Posted by: stevie    Nov 29, 2013

ugh, you were so very missed yesterday on thanksgiving and everyday. but i cherish the memories you gave me of many happy thanksgivings. you were a better chef then you got credit for. i love you....

Posted by: stevie - CA - yes   Nov 29, 2013