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Happy 90th Birthday Mom . We love & miss you a lot.

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Feb 24, 2016

Mom its been 3 years today that my heart broke because I lost you . You went to Heaven to be with daddy and your parents . But it destroyed me in so many ways . Mom my life hasn't been the same since you passed away . I go through major depressant more often then what I want . The only thing that keeps me going is Stephanie & her daughter Faith they are my life . Renne &

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Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Jan 21, 2016

Mom, I cant believe that stuff I have been through since I had my revised knee replacement on 9/1/15 , that went great , then 3 weeks later my knee got infected and I had to go in for another surgery on 9/29/15, then I ended up in SICU I woke up at 4:30 am restrained to the bed and had tubes down my throat I was scared not knowing what the hell happened to me if it was my

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Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - daughter   Nov 04, 2015

Mom, well its Sept 1,2015 , I will be going in at 12:30pm to have my total knee replacement done again . I am ready to have it done because the pain is just getting worse everyday . The one thing that scares the hell out of me is the draining I am having on my left leg from the Lymphodemia. Its good that its draining but if they (hospital ) drs don't keep it wrapped my leg will swell

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Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Aug 31, 2015

Mom , this has been a really rough summer for me health wise . You have been gone for 2 years 7 months and it seems like a life time . I have talked to you a lot this summer . I need to go back in on Sept 1, 2015 to have another total knee replacement on the same knee I had done 2 years this past juse but I have been having a lot of popping and severe

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Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Aug 21, 2015

Mom, Happy 89th Birthday . I hope you are celebrating it with Dad. Mom you are missed so much . I Love you with all my heart . R.I.P

Love Always , your Daughter
Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Feb 24, 2015

Mom , you left us 2 years ago and 1 month today . I never forget that dreadful day when I got that call stating you had passed away . I will never forgot exactly what I did . I don't ever forget about all the great memories we had through the years . You are missed everysecond of everyday . Mom I Love you & Miss you a lot .

Your Daughter
Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina Bilicki - warren, MI - daughter   Feb 21, 2015

Mom, I am going through a really emotional time . I just keep thinking about you during this time 2 years ago and it is taring me apart . I am crying a lot and very very moody to everyone and to be totally honest I don't care how they feel . This is about me and what I went through those days that I had to leave you and come home because I got sick and I should of

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Posted by: Tina - warren, MI - daughter   Jan 18, 2015

Mom, this weekend I decided to put out all the Christmas wooden gift decorations , your son in-law Steve made for you over the years , plus some Santa's I had gotten from you . It was very difficult putting them out , but we did it . An this Christmas is all about you and all the wonderful memories we have had over the years . Also its a very special one for your Great Granddaughter Faith . Mom

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Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Dec 08, 2014

Mom & Dad I just wanted to wish you both a Happy Anniversary . . We think of each of you everyday , and miss you even more . Love your Daughter Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - daughter   Sep 01, 2014