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Mom, Happy 89th Birthday . I hope you are celebrating it with Dad. Mom you are missed so much . I Love you with all my heart . R.I.P

Love Always , your Daughter
Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Feb 24, 2015

Mom , you left us 2 years ago and 1 month today . I never forget that dreadful day when I got that call stating you had passed away . I will never forgot exactly what I did . I don't ever forget about all the great memories we had through the years . You are missed everysecond of everyday . Mom I Love you & Miss you a lot .

Your Daughter
Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina Bilicki - warren, MI - daughter   Feb 21, 2015

Mom, I am going through a really emotional time . I just keep thinking about you during this time 2 years ago and it is taring me apart . I am crying a lot and very very moody to everyone and to be totally honest I don't care how they feel . This is about me and what I went through those days that I had to leave you and come home because I got sick and I should of

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Posted by: Tina - warren, MI - daughter   Jan 18, 2015

Mom, this weekend I decided to put out all the Christmas wooden gift decorations , your son in-law Steve made for you over the years , plus some Santa's I had gotten from you . It was very difficult putting them out , but we did it . An this Christmas is all about you and all the wonderful memories we have had over the years . Also its a very special one for your Great Granddaughter Faith . Mom

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Posted by: Tina Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Dec 08, 2014

Mom & Dad I just wanted to wish you both a Happy Anniversary . . We think of each of you everyday , and miss you even more . Love your Daughter Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - daughter   Sep 01, 2014

Hi Mom , today was a very special day your granddaughter Stephanie turned 21 tears old . That is hard to believe and her daughter will be 4 months on july 4th . Mom your great granddaughter is so adorable. I just wish you were here to see her and hold her. Steve and I watch her a lot and we love it . Andy came down to see his daughter and bought her a beautiful 21 white roses and

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Posted by: Tina - warren, MI - daughter   Jun 27, 2014

Mom , today I lost it . I have been crying a lot . Everything is really hitting me hard , if I look at Steve it would just make me call harder I know Its been hard on him for what I am going through and I hate that I am hurting him everyday I don't know to stop it. This Depression is really taking a toll on me . I really wish you were here to help me through this , but I know you are beside me always . Love & miss you so much MOM

Posted by: Tina - warren, MI - daughter   May 20, 2014

Mom, Happy Easter to you and Dad and the other family members.. I have been going through so many issues to where I actually hit major depression , due to your death, siblings, Stephanie having her daughter and how things happened between us . MOM I have never been so hurt so much in my life I am just going down hill day by day . I have to go see a psycholigists tomorrow before I do any damage to

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Posted by: Tina Pierce-bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Apr 21, 2014

MOM, I am so very sorry , I just called the cemetery and they told me that the MEMORIAL FOR YOU BEING THEIR ONE YEAR WAS MARCH 16,2014 .They were suppose to notify me so I could of been their but from what the man told me they notified Burt and he didn't bother to call or let me know . MOM this really hurts me deeply from when you myself and Andy jr was at Daddy;s . I just

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Posted by: Tina Pierce -Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Mar 20, 2014

Mom & Dad I just wanted to ley you both know that you have a new Great Grandaughter Faith , I pray you watch over her everyday of everysecond she is on this earth. This is Andy'y Jr's first granddaughter . Mom you would od been so proud of hi m , he held his daughters hand and promised her her wouls notlet go . Thant mad ne so Happy . I wasnst their to see your granddaugter after she

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Posted by: Tina Pierce-Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daugter   Mar 17, 2014