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MOM, I am so very sorry , I just called the cemetery and they told me that the MEMORIAL FOR YOU BEING THEIR ONE YEAR WAS MARCH 16,2014 .They were suppose to notify me so I could of been their but from what the man told me they notified Burt and he didn't bother to call or let me know . MOM this really hurts me deeply from when you myself and Andy jr was at Daddy;s . I just

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Posted by: Tina Pierce -Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Mar 20, 2014

Mom & Dad I just wanted to ley you both know that you have a new Great Grandaughter Faith , I pray you watch over her everyday of everysecond she is on this earth. This is Andy'y Jr's first granddaughter . Mom you would od been so proud of hi m , he held his daughters hand and promised her her wouls notlet go . Thant mad ne so Happy . I wasnst their to see your granddaugter after she

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Posted by: Tina Pierce-Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daugter   Mar 17, 2014

Mom, today is your 88th Birthday , I wish we could Celebrate with you , You are miss & loved so much . Mom Happy Birthday , I Love you so much . R.I.P Mom .

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Feb 24, 2014

Hi Mom, today I picked up the phone to call you , then it hit me once again like a ton of bricks once again. Mom I really wish we could talk I am just holding so much in , and you know that I will hold it in until one of these days I am going to explode . You are missed every minute of every day . I love you so much and miss you even more . RIP MOM.

Love Always
your Daughter ,
Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Feb 07, 2014

Well Mom , today Celebrates one year ago today you left us , it has been one helleva very rough year . I wanted to give up so much but then I would just sit back and think of all that you had given to your family. Especially raising Andrew Jr & myself after Daddy was taken away from us at such a young age of 53. You had given Andy & Myself a great life , Talking on the

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Posted by: Tina Pierce-Bilicki - Warren, MI - Daughter   Jan 22, 2014

Good night Good bless an Rest in Peace.Your youngest Son Andrew Edgar Pierce Jr Kimberley Ann Pierce An Faimly.

Posted by: Andrew Kim Pierce - Burtchville, MI - Son Daughter Inlaw   Jan 21, 2014

Mom, I just wanted to let you know that Booty passed away this morning 12/30/13. He was 19 yrs old . I can't believe all the ones we lost this year . First I lost my Mom ,friend , then we lost Sheena , then now Booty . Well at least he was greeted by his grandma and then by all of his other siblings in Rainbow Bridge, Ashes, Nikki, Libby Lyn, and now Booty . I hope al of

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Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Dec 31, 2013

BURT , You have no idea what I have gone through this year besides losing our Mom . Yes I have said things and I also just said I was sorry to Mom and Andy . You just let your blood boil over things that don't concern you . Sorry again .

4th oldest your Daughter Tina Marie

Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Dec 29, 2013

Mom , I have to tell you and Andrew that I am sorry for what I said about him , I talked to him on the phone today and had a nice conversation . I have said some very bad things because I just wanted everything over with . Mom , Andy has stood up to try to help us see his kids ,I am so happy that he is doing this . What ever we have problems is between

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Posted by: Tina - Warren, MI - Daughter   Dec 29, 2013

hi mom just wanted to let you no I wont be on this sight any more as it just seems that one of your kids just cant keep there emotions or feelings to them selfs an it really boils my blood we/ll talk in my prayers as we do every night love burt

Posted by: burt - burtchville, MI - oldest son   Dec 28, 2013