Condolence & Memory Journal

I am sad to hear that they both have passed away. I was by the house I think in 2007. They welcomed me in and we had a very nice visit. So many wonderful memories came back to me as I was there. I am deeply sorry for your loss. They were wonderful people. So much in love. Lloyd was truly a doting husband and she adored him. I remember when we went to the Red Cross to send Paul a tape. It was a very hard time for him and he was very kind to me. If someone would like to contact me by email I would love to know how the family is doing. I was shocked to hear of the other passings. I knew about Jan. I regret that I did not stay in touch with them. I will treasure my memories. Charlotte Gausepohl McGovern

Posted by Charlotte Gausepohl McGovern - Lakewood, CA - A friend of Paul's   January 05, 2013

To the Addy Boys,

Lloyd and Winnie were wonderful people and I enjoyed knowing them through the Nielsens at Marcus. I had the pleasure of visiting them several times in their Rose Avenue home. They were gentle, warm folks and laughter was filled in their home. May you carry the wonderful memories with you as many many others will do.
My blessings to all of you.

Alfred William Nott
Rochester. Mn

Posted by Alfred William Nott    December 12, 2008

I loved Uncle Lloyd's spirit and was always uplifted whenever I spoke with him or saw him. I feel blessed to have experienced his love, devotion, humor in his wonderful letters to Grandma Bessie (even tho' we called his writing chicken scratches:); in his zest for bringing all of you back to Marcus for those wonderful visits; in his open arms any time I visited in California; in his example of such a beautiful marriage with Aunt Winnie; in his phone calls when I experienced many of my own life's trials and tribulations; in his own grief losing too many of his loved ones; and lastly, but most importantly, in his legacy of the beautiful family he leaves behind and loved so much.
God bless and much love,
Susie Nielsen Luokkala

Posted by Susie Nielsen Luokkala    December 12, 2008

Uncle Lloyd, Thank you for showing us how to love unconditionally with humility. We will always cherish your
memories. Our love prayers and support to all the Addy/Jenkins family

The Cantines

Posted by Michael Cantine    December 12, 2008

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Please know that I am here for you if you need further assistance.

Posted by Susan Robinson    December 12, 2008