Condolence & Memory Journal

Dearest Dad, Seven year's ago you became an angel. Our lives forever changed that day. Miss our talks and being beside you. You were my strength and I admired you. Thank you for being so gracious, loving, and strong for all of us. You gave so much!!!! Mom is not doing well now and it makes my sad-makes my heart hurt. She often cries out for you and misses you dearly. When I told you I was proud of you during your recovery I meant it. You fought a hard battle and I was proud of your fight and drive. I wish you could have recovered, but it showed me how tough you were!!!! I've learned a lot since then and it has helped me in taking care of mom. I love you dad....

Posted by janice dyer    January 13, 2018

Dear Dad,

Had lunch with mom today, and we were talking about all of the good times, and how much we miss you. Tomorrow will be five years since you left us. In many ways, it seems so long, but in some ways it seems like you just left. You are never forgotten - we love you so much. I miss having you in my life to talk to, share things with, and I wish you were here to see how much all the kids have grown. I know you are watching over us. Miss Johnny Lee and Judy so much too. Love you all!!!!!!

Posted by Janice Dyer - kansas city, MO - daughter   January 13, 2016

Grandpa time isn't healing the wounds that hurt so much without you Dad and Aunt Judy. Your family misses you. Your grandchildren miss you, your daughter in law and sin in law miss you. I know your daughter here on Earth misses you and I'm certain your wife misses you. I envision you with your parents and sisters and two children there with you and the joy you must feel and I look forward to the day we are a whole family again. I'm thankful for your love. You'll always be missed until we are all together again. Thank you to our heavenly Fatger for the gift of eternity. Love you always!

Posted by Amy    January 14, 2015

Grandpa time isn't healing the wounds that hurt so much without you Dad and Aunt Judy. Your family misses you. Your grandchildren miss you. I know your daughter here on Earth misses you and I'm
certain your wife misses you. I envision you with your parents and sisters and two children there with you and the hot you must feel and I look forward to the day we are a whole family again. I'm thankful for your love. You'll always be missed until we are all together again. Thank you to our heavenly Fatger for the gift of eternity. Love you always!

Posted by Amy    January 14, 2015


Dear Dad,

Another year...they saw time heals, but I am not sure that's true. It's been 4 years now without you, and it seems like you just left. The sadness and loneliness is still there. Even more so after we lost Judy and Johnny Lee. We are doing okay, and Mom seems like she is holding her own. I know some days she is so lonely - as am I without all of you here.

Your amazing love for our family keeps me going. I strive to be a good parent and help others like you did. I hope you know how much I love you and miss you. Continue to watch over us all. Guide Jake and Joe as they graduate from high school this year and keep a watchful eye over them.

Love you very much.


Posted by Janice Dyer - Gladstone, MO - Daughter   January 13, 2015

Dear Dad,

March 9th - a very special day when a special person was born. Looking back on some pictures the other day and all the many birthday and other celebrations we enjoyed together as a family. How I appreciate everything you did for us, the sacrifices you made, and the love you shared. We love you very much and will always cherish you.

Your daughter, Jan

Posted by Janice Dyer - Gladstone, MO - Daughter   March 12, 2014

Yesterday would have been your 94th Birthday. Here on earth that would have been something! But your celebrations are much more joyous where you are. Hug Daddy for me. I miss you both so much. I guess you two can catch up for all the Father and Son time you may have missed out on. That makes me smile and feel content. Not very much makes us smile anymore without you or Dad. Grandma is Okay but I know she's trying to be strong for her family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY John A Ragan. March 9th. WE LOVE YOU Amy & Jennifer

Posted by Amy - Excelsior Springs, MO - Granddaughter   March 10, 2014

Tomorrow marks three years since you left. THREE years. It's been a very unhappy time. Now Grandpa I've lost Dad. As i wrote you earlier we just lost Judy and now my Father. Why? All this sorrow. I try to talk to Grandma every day. I'm getting more and more worried about so much going on I can't control it and I don't know how to help and I miss Daddy so much I can't breathe and it's scary without either of you. My only joy is your both healthy and happy and all together with Judy and Grandma Whipple and Uncle Bill and so many others. But Grandpa I miss you so much. three feels like a lifetime. I didn't understand what Aunt Jan and Aunt Judy and Daddy were going through when you left us but I do now. Hug each other for us. I can't wait to see you again Grandpa. I Love you for a lifetime and beyond....


Posted by Amy Ragan - excelsior springs, MO - granddaughter   January 13, 2014


Dear Dad,

Three years(tomorrow) now have gone by without you by my side. How sad I am still today that you left me then, but also so happy that you are with God. A lot of sadness this year in our family. We lost our precious Judy and Johnny Lee, all within a few months of each other. I don't understand why these things happen, but God does, and I know you are all in heaven together, and watching over us. Mom seems to be doing ok considering everything she has gone through - and all the changes in her life. We are all looking after her and making sure she is taken care of and hopefully she has some peace in her life.

Love you and Judy and John so much. Missing you terribly, You are always in our thoughts. Love Jan, Greg, Jake and Joe, and Nicole and family.

Posted by Janice Dyer    January 13, 2014

Thinking of you today. Judy is with you now and everything is so different. We still miss you, I'm more grateful for the Father you gave us. He is our everything as is Mom. I'm always going to be there for Grandma. I promised and I'd never break it. Everything was better when you and she were with us. Until my day comes, I remain loving and missing you Grandpa. Amy & Jen

Posted by Amy - excelsior springs, MO - granddaughter   August 23, 2013


Dear Grandpa,

Over two years since you have gone and I think about you so much. I can hear The Tennessee Waltz and tears roll but they are happy ones now because I know your free and alive in our Savior. I miss you very much. We ALL do. Loving you forever and ever. Amy

Posted by Amy Ragan - Excelsior Springs, MO - Granddaughter   February 01, 2013


Dear Dad,

Two years have now passed without you by our side. I wish I could say it is easier now, but it isn't. The pain of losing you seems as real as ever. Many things have happened that you have missed - Nicole's wedding - a new great-granddaughter, birthday and other celebaratioons. I wish you could have been there too.

We think of you always and the closeness our family shared - especially at Christmas and the holidays. This year most of the family were together for mom's 92nd birthday - we took a limo to Crown Center and the Plaza, and she seemed to really enjoy it. It reminded her, and us, of the time we took the limo on your wedding anniversary. She misses you terribly - I can't even imagine.

We love you so much. Hope one day we are all reunited in Heaven.

Posted by Janice Dyer - gladstone, MO - daughter   January 13, 2013

I miss you so much Grandpa. I try to talk to Grandma every day and it makes me so happy to hear her voice. I wish I could hear yours. Dad, Mom, Jenny, Aunt Judy, JW & Rosie, Kelley, Chris, Aunt Jan, Greg, Nicole, Jake, Joe, and all your family miss you so much. It's hard to list everyone who misses you! Thank You for such great memories. I'm so thankful I still have my Dad and Mother, Sister and Grandma and my Aunts and cousins but everything feels a little different knowing you are in heaven while we are still here. I know Grandma misses you every single moment and her sorrow is great. Your children still cry and ache for you and your grandchildren and great grandchildren are so lonely for you too. Great news though....You have a new great granddaughter! Well Grandpa when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will truly be indeed. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful Father to look up to, honor and respect and I promise to be there for Grandma any way I can. You know she's a treasure to me. Your forever in my heart as well as all your families. Thank You and I MISS YOU! Oh Grandpa how we miss you.......

Posted by Amy Ragan - Excelsior Springs, MO - Granddaughter   September 14, 2012

Dear Dad,

Last Saturday, Mom, Judy, Amy, myself, Jake, Joe, Nicole, and Kelley attended the memorial service at White Chapel. It was very hard to sit there without you by our side. But it was also nice to pay respect to you once again, remember all of the good times, and to place the ornaments on the tree.

Christmas won't be the same this year, but you will always be with us, and I know the angels are by your side. You are always loved and missed!

Posted by Janice Dyer - gladstone, MO - daughter   December 14, 2011

Dear Dad,

It has been eight months since you were with us. I can't begin to express how much I still miss you. I think about all the times we had together, and how much you meant to me. Knowing you were there to help support me through everything made my life so much easier. You deserved so much more at the end of your life - but I hope you realize how much you were loved and looked after. Mom is doing okay, but I know she hurts every day with you not by her side. All of us feel the emptiness without you. There are days I feel lost without you - I guess that reflects how deep my love was/is for you. God bless you. Love you Janice

Posted by Janice Dyer - gladstone, MO - daughter   September 14, 2011

I was his 1st grandchild & my sister his third. Our most precious Grandfather was fun, complex, honest & hard working, highly intelligent and lived to provide for his family including his Mother, sisters and later in life his aging Father. He would take us water-sliding, to California & Florida. He rode space mountain with us and laughed the whole time. He was devoted to our most precious Grandmother always reminding us " Now, take care of Your Grandma" and he was the foundation of our family. He loved to sing & I loved it when he sang " The Tennessee Waltz" He never really wanted anything for himself, he always prepared for his family. He & my Grandmother raised our Father, John Ragan, Jr giving us the gift of a loving, devoted Father. He taught us to appreciate a Dairy Queen treat & was a wonderful Grandpa. We will never get over this heartache his passing has left. I'm sure he's walking heavens streets with his beloved dog Monster Thank You Grandpa, we will see you again.

Posted by Amy Ragan-Ryan - Kansas City, MO - Granddaughter   January 20, 2011

I always appreciated John's easygoing manner and his ready smile.

When Jim and I sought custody of Jim's son, John, many years ago, it was John who came to the courthouse and gave us his blessing. And, John was especially kind to me who kind of entered this family through the back door by marriage. I will never ever forget his many kindnesses and words of encouragement.

Ida and John had many years together as husband and wife. And, Ida must feel good that she really took excellent care of him this past 2.5 years. They were lucky to have each other for such a long time.

Judy, too, must feel good for having taken such loving care of her father these past 2 years..and such careful attention to her mother, as well. Both Judy and Ida worked so very hard to care for John risking their own health in doing so. I pray for their full recuperation and well-deserved rest.

Jan also came to help care for her father and I know that this was not easy as she is raising two active boys. I know John Jr really loved his father and will miss him terribly.

I am praying that heaven will enjoy John's quick smile much as I always enjoyed seeing him. He was truly a gentle and loving man.

I thank you all for your many kindnesses this past 33 years!!

Posted by Susan Evers    January 18, 2011