Life Stories

Dr. Mooney delivered my first child, Caitlin, in 1985. What a wonderful,caring doctor. My father-in-law was his partner - Dr. Edward Fogarty. One thing I'll never forget was Dr. Mooney asking me after a long delivery process if he could get me anything (I assume for the pain), and I replied "A Diet Pepsi"!! He will always have a place in our hearts - they were in practice for so many years, delivering bundles of joy to so many. God Bless to the family.

My Grandfather was a quiet man, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a lot to say. He had his opinions. He had his insight. He had his experiences. He had his advice. In the 90 years he spent on this earth, he had practically seen it all.
I remember my Grandfather telling me a story about when he was in the army during WWII. He was stationed in Germany, and during the night their camp was bombed. As his peers panicked and scrambled to find shelter, he simply slept right through it. I asked him if he ever feared for his life during his service, and he replied “No, Sweetheart I’m a fatist. I believe that if it’s my time to go it is my destiny, it is God’s will. I guess it just wasn't my time then.” I still can’t believe he slept through that.
My Grandfather believed that our time is allotted by God, but what we do with it is completely up to us. What he did with his is truly inspiring. His hands were the first to welcome generations of children to life, over 14,000 of them. He was a pioneer of the medical industry, and represented a time when being a Doctor meant you had the best interest of the patient at heart. Bringing health and wellness was his business, and because of his specialty he also brought love and joy to the parents of the children he delivered. This was his passion, this was his gift, this was his life. He wasn't just a good Doctor, he was the best. When he was forced into an early retirement, he never stopped being that person. Any concerns or issues any of us would have about our health, he was the first person we would go to. I always felt safe knowing we had a Doctor in the house. He had an indelible affect on the lives of so many. It continues through the generations of people he helped bring into this world. Those who we have not and will never meet, but we all have one thing in common: We knew those loving hands.
The only thing my Grandfather cherished more than his work was his family. Everything he did, every action he took was to ensure the quality of our lives. When you would look into those brilliant blue eyes, you could see all that radiated from them. He didn't just love us, he adored us. He guided us with his advice, and showed us how to live a versatile life. He himself was multifaceted: He was brilliant, silly, quick-witted, funny, genuine, caring, and strong. He was simply stronger than strength itself. I am proud to call him my Grandfather.
The vacuous space we feel now in our hearts is something that we’ll carry for a long time. When the wind hits just right, we’ll feel the hollow of our chests. The memories we have of him will begin to fill some of that space, but it will never quite patch. This is not a bad thing; it just means that he is loved.
With his passing comes great sorrow. We lost an amazing man, Father, Grandfather, Brother, and Uncle but what we did not lose is his influence. The guidance he gave and the love he felt for us continues on; for death may stop a man’s heart but it can never extinguish the fire he held within it.

Dr Moooney was my doctor for many years. AS the obituary stated he was very kind, a good listener and hd the interest of his patient in the forefront. I moved away from Long Island and when I returned I look to connect with him again but never knew what happened to him.

Rest in peace, Dr. Mooney

Larry and I send out sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Mooney. His partner, Dr. Edward Fogarty was my uncle. Dr. Mooney delivered our daughter Michele on 9/20/75 and she just delivered her first child on 11/08/12. We will always remember Dr. Mooney fondly as a very kind and gentle man and a most excellent physician. We only recently found out from my Aunt Jane Fogarty that he had retired to St. Pete Beach which is very close to where we have lived in Largo since 1985. Rest in Peace "thy good and loyal servant."


My name is Diane "Brady" Swenson. Doctor Mooney delivered me and three of my siblings. He also delivered both of my children. I remember during the birth of my son James reminding Dr. Mooney that he was delivering the baby of someone he delivered. He laughed a hearty laugh and then said "Oh my, that makes me feel old!" Then after he delivered my daughter Jacklyn I had been wheeled into the hallway waiting to be taken to recovery. I was so tired and had my eyes closed. I felt someone pick up my hand and gently stroke it. I thought it was my husband at first but when I opened my eyes I saw that it was Doctor Mooney. I looked up at his sweet face and he was smiling and said this..."You did good, you have your boy and now a little girl. You have the perfect family. God Bless." I was touched by his kindness. He was such a Good Caring man. I feel blessed to know that his hands were the first to touch me and my children! It makes me feel special to know that God chose this great man to be the one to deliver us all. I have thought of Dr. Mooney often over the years and will continue to do so. Dr. Mooney I know you can hear me...I want you to know that the world was a better place for having you in it and you will be missed.

Dr.Mooney delivered four of my children, one in 1959,1962,1963 and 1966.He was a very kind and caring man and a wonderful doctor.I was so sorry to read in Newsday of his passing.My thoughts are with his family during this sad time.