Condolence & Memory Journal

This is my papa, he is amazing and caring. and he died two days before my birthday, and on my birthday party. I remember everyone in my family would be out back shooting guns and i would collect the shots after and put it in this huge container and i would make words out of it and everything. I remember in the mornings me and my papa were always the first ones up and he told me to go down to the chicken coop and get the eggs for breakfast. He would make pancakes with eggs, or my aunt Sam would make them. I remember my papa would always get us something when we would go down there, one time he got horses a black one and a red one. Nobody loved the red one so i had it, i named it red. I loved that horse. I remember I went to ride with my papa to pay a waterbill and on our way back we found a turtle on the road and i was so scared to pick it up but im pretty sure I held it. I remember we went down there for halloween and it was amazing and fun. I loved going to my papa's, there was so many memories, and i loved every single one of them. I remember I got my love for fourwheelers when I went down there and he would let us ride them or go with them for a ride. I miss him very much, and I wish i can see him today.

Posted by madison avery - lowell, IN - Grandchild   May 02, 2016

There are just too many memories for my heart to hold, yet they are all packed in my heart and busting at the seams. There was a lot that he taught me and some things he hadn't yet. The first thing I actually remember him teaching me was how to swim and not long after that how to ride my bike without training wheels. I remember him saying that riding on grass was the best way to learn, and he was right. He taught me how to be respectful to others, discipline, and how to take care of myself. He taught me how to drive, fish, hunt. I loved his stories from his childhood, from before and after he lost his own Dad when he was only eleven. Whether they were told during our summer camping trips, or when we all sat around the living room by candlelight because they chose to put food on the table instead of paying the electric bill, I never tired of hearing them.
I remember a time when me and him were living on the "farm" and we had the idea of raising pigs. What were we thinking. We built a small shed like building for the pigs; though we don't live there anymore, it's still standing and if you go out to see it you can definitely tell which side that each of us did, naturally the boards on his side that he nailed up look better than mine. Not too long before he passed I talked to him about that time and we both still laughed. I will never forget the times I shared with my Dad.

Posted by Samantha Joines - Providence, KY - Daughter   March 13, 2013


Dad, it's hard to put into words what I'm feeling right now. I miss you so much. Now matter how much I tried to prepare myself for the day when you would no longer be here, it was never enough time. Today has been a week since you left us, but I know you are in a better place and your pain and suffering are gone, but the selfish part of me wishes you were still here. I feel lost right now, and I know in time I will find myself again, but that will never ease the pain of losing my Daddy. Never will I regret the years I spent being there for you when you needed me. You will forever be in my heart and I will miss you always.

Posted by Samantha - Providence, KY - Daughter   December 23, 2012


RIP.. you will always be in our heart! lots of luv to u! Samantha I LUV U!

Posted by Heather Pool - Hammond, IN - niece   December 18, 2012


Posted by Wendy Worley - sebring, FL - neice   December 17, 2012

Benny was one of my first patietns when the clinic opened. Such kind sweet man. Alwyas smiling and never complaining. My heart aches for the family but spoke with Benny one of the last visits he made in and know he was ready to home and find great peace and comfort in knowing he truly is in a better place. Samantha, you did a wonderful job taking care of him, he loved you so and appreciated everything you did for him.
God bless you all.

Posted by Jeni Sallee - Hanson, KY - VA RN   December 17, 2012


Regardless of how life changes, and how many times we regret the things left unsaid, we will always remember the great people that crossed our paths. Benny "dad", you were one of those great people that crossed my path in life, you have left a lasting impression on my heart forever. Thank you for everything you showed me. I pray that your family be blessed with comfort and peace as they travel through the rest of their lives. God Bless you all.

Posted by Ginger    December 17, 2012


My prayers are with the family

Posted by Steve l hartman - northlake, IL   December 17, 2012


My deepest sympathies to your family at this time. Sorry to hear about the loss, may God bless your family thru this difficulty time.

Posted by Shannon Jacobs - Hammond, IN   December 17, 2012


There's so much i can say, God knows we have had our problems but none of that matters now. I just want to say to my sister Sam that I love you and I'm thankful you were there for him and that i love you you more then you know and I always will no matter what and i will always be here for you. To my Dad I love you and miss you dearly and I know its a little late but for better or worse I'm sorry I wasn't there and for everything. I LOVE YOU DAD.....

Posted by Michael Joines - Son   December 17, 2012

R.I.P. Binky...We will miss you

Posted by TIM LEAR - Kearney, NE - cousin   December 17, 2012

Rest in Pease

Posted by Becky Lear-Lux - Shelton, NE - cousin   December 17, 2012

My dear cousin you are going to be missed greatly. The memories of you are all good ones and you was such a jokester. Loved the many faces you use to make at me to make me laugh. I am going to miss you. Love you with all my heart. Sam you was such a wonderful daughter to your dad. It is going to be hard on you without him but you know we are all here for you and will continue to be for years to come. My heart goes out to you for I know what you have gone through. Be strong and always know I love you. Reba you and Binky was partners in crime....such a fun twosome. I love you. Bobby, Dorothy and Glen I love you all and I am here for all of you whenever you need me. Love.

Posted by teressa dukes - drakesboro, KY - cousin   December 17, 2012

just want to say im so sorry for the loss of a wonderful man. and father..i have known samantha for years now and i have never met her father but i have heard alot of stories of him and they were all thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family..P.S..sammi wish i could make it there hunny im so you so much

Posted by tracie manka - rensselaer, IN - friend   December 17, 2012


To all of your family, our deepst sympathy. May God bless all of you in your time of sorrow. Our prayers are with you. Rest In Peace Binky

Posted by Robert & Sandy - brother-in-law   December 16, 2012

Oh,my sweet Binky! I love you so have been a special tug of my heart for all your life!!!! Memories..........more than there are numbers1 I am never saying good-bye to you............see you on the flip side........COUNT ON IT<3 reba xoxoxoxox>

Posted by Reba Horton - Dawson Springs, ME - sister   December 16, 2012


My dear uncle Binky is loved by so many. As I look back, there are so so many great memories of Binky. As a small child I remember one year, him as Santa Clause, all dressed up in his Red & White costume, and of course a pillow for his belly. Great Memories! And then much later in life he helped my mom and dad in the renovation of their Central City home. What a great loving man!
He has truly touched our lives, so often, in so many ways.
He will be missed forever, and never forgotten.
To my dear sweet cousin Samantha, We love you! For you are not alone in this journey; we are here for you now and in the days, weeks and months to come.
I know the devastating pain you feel for the loss of your dad, after all, it has only been 9 mos ago since the passing of my mom. For me, the loss of my mother this past March has been the most devastating experience of my life. It has forever changed me as a human being. So, please take care of yourself, do what you need to do in order to properly grieve for the loss of your dad. There are no time limits! Know that it is ok to cry, that is merely a beautiful expression of your love pouring out of the heart. So, cry as much as you need. Know that he loved you so much; Samantha, you did an amazing job in caring for your dad in his final journey.
As you and I have talked about being strong, it is truly amazing that we find strength to do what we must, when we mustI can relate!
While this is and will be an extremely difficult time, just know that after many months of discomfort and pain, your dad is sleeping peacefully.
Sometimes God has us see things, he has us going through experiences, just so that today is a little easier.
I will leave you with something special which my mom said to me, FAMILY MATTERS MOST!
To my dear uncle Binky, may you sleep peacefully now. I LOVE YOU!

Posted by Gregory Sheldon Joines - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Nephew   December 16, 2012

To Uncle Glen,Aunt Lytie and Reba and family so sorry for the loss of your dear brother May God comfort you all as only he can at a sorrowful time like this my love and prayers for all of you.

Posted by Cookie Piper - Beechmont, KY - friend   December 16, 2012