Life Stories

My american penfriend
I knew Amanda as my american penfriend, in a exchange betwen my college (in France) and Masconomet Highschool. I remember her as very kind and gentle person, close to her brothers end her family. She was a loving person, very attentive to each other. I remember that she loved to make jewels and she made me some earrings that I still have. She was a fighter and she loved hockey. We celebrate Halloween together on October 1999 and she was a hockey player after the game, with scratches and fake blood. I also remember that during my journey, we tried three times to see the movie Salem and never finished it because we both felt asleep before the end! We laughed about that saying that we were "bewitched" by the movie. I also remembered that we loved to sing Celine Dion very loud and very bad in the car with a mother Michelle. I only have happy memories with her.She was so happy when she came in France!

As a catholic, I trust that people who passed away love, pray and protect their family and friend. Dear Amanda, keep us in your prayers and protection as we keep you always in our hearts.

Love to you and your family.

Yolaine Daugan Tierny and family from France