Condolence & Memory Journal

Loreena, I will remember you always. Always loved that big bright sweet smile of you. Miss you, Pat Wolf

Posted by Pat Wolf - Harrison Twp, MI - Friend   January 17, 2018

I'll always remember lovely Loreena, and her joy of life. I brings me so much sorry in how she died, but I know she tried to live life to her fullest. All my best to her family.

Posted by Pat Wolf - Harrison Township, MI - caregiver/friend   January 17, 2015

It was a sorrowful reminder of her death and how she died. She was a kind and heartful woman.. The world is missing an angel on earth

Posted by Pat Wolf - Harrison Twp, MI - caregiver   January 17, 2014

Loreena, I just got the Journal and read about the fire and your untimely death.. I'm just stunned, I'll bet I think of you on a weekly basis. I was working with you during Loreena's law and fixed your hair and applied your makeup for your trip to Lansing. How beautiful you were, with or without the makeup. I remember our trip to see the Spinners and we just had a ball. I took my favorite picture of you but it was on my old computer and I lost all the pictures on my hard drive. I sure wish I still had it to share with everyone. Loreena I'm just stunned. To your family, I'm so very sorry for you loss. I wish I had known. Pat

Posted by Pat Wolf - Harrison Township, MI - former Caregiver   January 30, 2013

My sympathies are with you dear brothers of Loreena. I know you will miss her greatly. But even at the funeral, it was clear that she has been welcomed already into Heaven! It was so beautiful when the incense formed a perfect halo which floated above her coffin and then opened into the shape of a dove before floating away. I hope you got to see this beautiful sign from God! My son and I both saw it.

Posted by Nancy Cortese - Keedysville, MD   January 29, 2013

I met Loreena, a Long time ago, back in the late 70's early 80's! I took her to different dances and Catholic prayer groups! She was a Strong woman with a lot of faith! She always had a Smile on her face! I am verry sorry for the loss of Loreena! My prayers are with the family! I remember that house on ten mile in St Clair shores where Loreena and her Mom lived!

Posted by Garry Schoenherr - Dearborn Heights, MI - Friend   January 28, 2013

Loreena and I were classmates when she and Jennie talked me in to taking her to a singles dance- I wasn't even single! Loreena and I became great friends as Sunday after Sunday we made plans to do something special together. Our Sunday outings ended when I moved school - but i never forgot my friend.
The last time I saw Loreena she showed me her manuscript - A Cry for Education- I asked Loreena to clean up my language in her book - which, thankfully, she did. I can only imagine Loreena's surprise if she knew I was now a seminary student. I can just imagine her whe body erupting in great laughter!
Loreena now walks in the love and peace of God's light. Until we meet again my friend.

Posted by Eileen Mills Jewell - Detroit, MI - Friend   January 23, 2013

We'll miss your gifts, bravery, determination, and love of life.

Posted by Kim Zuchora - Macomb Twp, MI   January 22, 2013

Loreena was one of our long time and favorite customers. When she came in she always had a smile on her face, which was contagious, because by the time she left, you had a smile on your face as well. She had such a strong spirit and energy about her, and she will truly be missed by all of those people that she came into contact with. Such a sad and tragic end to a life of a woman who never gave up and refused to be told that she couldn't do it... because not only would she do it, but she would let you know about it too!
We will all miss you Loreena....

Posted by Todd & Joyce - Clinton Township, MI - Friends   January 22, 2013

I was Loreena's Caregiver for 5yrs until I had a auto accident last Nov .
One day Loreena was feeling a little bit down and I said ''Hey Loreena what kind of music do you like ? and she said '' Motown " ! and I told her "me too !!"
then she told me she had a CD I put it on and she starts shaking her arms and kicking her legs , a big happy smile on her face , shaking her head, , then she said " lets dance ! and I said " Ok ! and she wrapped her little arms real tight around my waist. Loreena told me she loved to dance.
We had so much fun ! I swear she could have danced for hours.

I know you are happy ! and your with loved ones that were waiting for you to come home.
I will see you again my beautiful friend .

Lisa DeCriscio

Posted by Lisa DeCriscio - China, MI - Caregiver / Friend   January 22, 2013

Remember Loreena and her mom, Jennie coming to Shrine Singles. Loreena just enjoyed everything. And Jennie had to make sure our singles club was top-notch. The guys were all nice to her. Loreena decided that she would pursue other interests, that's when I heard she began dabbling in writing. I pass by her old house on Ten Mile on my way to the dentist. I often think about her. How sad that somebody that had such determination to live like those of us inflicted with no impediments had to go in such a terrible way. God indeed has a plan for all of us. Loreena was special, and God knows it.
I shall never forget this vibrant, self-made, beaming woman ever.

Posted by Stephen Urbaniak - Clinton Township, MI - friend from past   January 22, 2013


I know you had to go
I know you are no longer in pain and suffering
You are a free spirit
I know you are with all your loved ones that you missed so.
I know now you are happy
Iam happy for you.
We will meet again friend.

Lisa DeCriscio

Posted by Lisa DeCriscio - China, MI   January 21, 2013

Grief is hard for all of us to go through but remembering things that we taught each other in the good times and hard times we shared . the good days and the laughter those are the moments I will treasure . I was blessed that God let me have you in my life, not just being a "Care Giver " but a friend.I Will miss you but I will see your beautiful smile and smile back.
Love you Loreena!
Lisa DeCriscio

Posted by Lisa DeCriscio - China, MI   January 21, 2013

May we continue to honor and respect all the lessons we have learned; acting as living symbols of a loving spirit. You are in our prayers.

Posted by The Wujek-Calcaterra Family - Sterling Heights, MI   January 21, 2013

Although I did not know Loreena personally I had met her years ago at a craft show where I purchased a copy of her book from her. Over the years I often thought of Loreena and her mother and wondered how she was. When I heard the news tonight on Fox 2 I couldn't believe my eyes . Please know that Loreena touched my life and was an inspiration to me as we have a family member with cerebral palsy..I gave that copy of Loreenas book to that family member....but now I'm going to try to find another copy for myself to re-read and remember just how special Loreena heart goes out to you all.

Posted by Gail - Clinton Twp, MI - Acquaintance of Loreena   January 20, 2013

It was a pleasure to know Loreena and her mother for the past 19 years. They were admired for their courage and the love they had for each other and will be missed. We pray that Loreena will find peace in heaven and be reunited with her family that has past before her.

Rest in peace sweet lady.

Dan & Mary Ann

Posted by Dan & Mary Ann McSherry - Clinton Township, MI - Friend and Neighbor   January 20, 2013